Brunch should be served at 11AM - meaning you should start preparing it well ahead of time (around 9:30  should be a good start).

  • Be prepared to feed at least 80 hungry bombitos everyday (this is aprox. 75% of our camp; assuming not everyone shows up for breakfast).

  • Please review your menu with Alejandra Rincon, our Brunch Hippie Queen #BH

  • Include a drink (e.g juice, smoothies, etc) and/or a special drink :).

  • Kitchen is equipped with: a small oven, coffee machine, 4 burners, pots and pans

  • Bring paper plates, paper cups, eco friendly-cutlery.

  • Brunch teams are responsible for bringing their own food for their shift.

  • There will be 2 fridges in the kitchen for snacks and leftover food from dinner - but it's not enough space to store your brunch food for the whole week before its meant to be cooked. We kindly ask you to keep it in your RV until your brunch day.

  • Before you end your shift, check off the Brunch checklist:

    • Must clean and leave the kitchen in perfect conditions

    • Put away any leftovers

    • Share best practices with the people doing brunch the days following your brunch, we can all learn from each other.