Pick up all trash. Most common causes of trash are: 

  • Abandoned cups with a “cuncho” left behind. Empty these cups in the liquid buckets, left close to the trash bins and dispose the cup on its appropriate bin.

  • Plates / Silverware / Food leftovers

  • Cigarette buds and other little pieces of MOOP!

  • There will be 5 types of bins, please make sure recycling bins are being used properly (e.g if you see there is paper in the glass bin, please help reshuffling this to avoid people from continuing making the same mistake: 

    • Plastic

    • Cans

    • Paper

    • Glass

    • Compost

  • Please put the things that have been left behind by Bombitos or Visitors, into the lost and found basket.  You would be surprised of the amount of things that are left behind! Putting them on the bins helps because these not only make our camp look disorganized, but also because their owners will probably want them back!

  • If you see things from the camp that are falling apart (e.g lights that aren’t working, a structure that is breaking, etc), please let mariana and / or Sergio know immediately; they will have one of our staff members fix itm, before it continues to fall apart.

  • Organize carpets and cushions, as these get moved around all the time (specially during night time).

  • The night shift should turn on candles / lights. Morning shift turn them off

  • Before you Finalize your daily shift, please make sure that the following has been completed: 

    • Check this checklist one final time, to make sure you did everything that was required. 

    • Close all trash bags, so that they don’t spill over and put them away in the container

    • Empty the liquids bin in the liquids pool on top of the container

    • Take all aluminum containers to the aluminum recycling camp 

    • Burn all paper / boxes that are ready to be disposed

    • Once the ENTIRE area is de-mooped, please do one last final sweep to tidy up before concluding your shift.