We bring the South American spice, excitement, and passion from our Latin culture to the playa; with open arms, Tierra Bomba’s purpose is to spread these elements to the Burning man community.

Tierra Bomba is Colombian made yet diverse in its Latin roots. Powered by Latinos under a Colombian influence, we are a camp hosting salsa, coffee, and latin inspired events throughout the week.


camp signature highlights

Amazonia Tent

Beyond all our fun activities,  we want to incorporate in our camp a Latin-Healing tent, an area designated to a conscious approach of our culture where we can demonstrate the magical skills of our ancestors and their healing powers.  We'll devote this space to recreate traditional rituals, ceremonies from the deepest of our sacred Amazonic jungle; Cacao ceremonies, sound healing meditations, acupuncture, yoga and readings from ancestral Mayan findings. Led and designed by Fahad Khan, M.D. who believes that a life of vitality is possible when modern medicine is blended with ancient & holistic therapies. The activities will be focusing on the transformation of body and mind with a dose of mysticism mixing modern medicine.



Cafetero Coffee Station will open from 10 AM - 1 PM every day, Cafetero stands for 'coffee lover'. Inspired on a traditional cart delivering coffee different countries to the working class mainly. In the afternoon, “El Cafetero” morphs into the “Gifting Cart”, open daily from 3 PM - 6 PM.